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The Supply Chain sector is critical for every business but especially for large companies that have an important import/export activity, as our clients. Therefore, in order to assist them in Transportation and Logistics we developed highly specialized attorneys with extensive experience in all types of transport, always ready to provide the clients with legal advice, assistance or representation as they need.

Our expertise in legal assistance for Transportation Law and Logistics areas focus on:

  • Legal Management of Transportation Contracts
  • Cargo claims (lost or theft, damages etc.)
  • Bills of Lading, Sea Waybills etc.
  • Freight Disputes
  • Cargo Seizures and Confiscations
  • Overland Transport Disputes
  • Forwarding law
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Public transportation
  • Regular transport of persons
  • Liability of travel and transport companies
  • Licenses and permits for railway and road transport, including transport related activities

In figures, we assist businesses in Supply Chain sector that totalize over 1.6 million m3 of merchandises.