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Personal Data Protection

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Personal Data Protection

Privacy and protection of personal data has become a very stressful aria for most of the businesses after the entry into force of the new European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) on May 25th, 2018.

The dramatic change of the Personal Data Protection philosophy imposes to every company a new and more responsible approach, considering the special sanctioning regime that can bring fines up to 4% of the turnover of the preceding fiscal year or up to 20 million €, whichever is greater.

In this context we provide a broad range of services in managing and protecting personal information for our clients, multinational and local companies, including:

  • Legal opinions on a variety of information privacy and data protection issues pertinent to businesses, with the goal of guiding clients.
  • Assistance in process mapping, drafting of rules, procedures, guidelines, and policies for the prudent management of databases and data processing activities.
  • Advice on negotiating commercial agreements that require privacy protection and personal data protection issues, including global considerations regarding data processing activities, the use of cloud services and trans-border flow of information.
  • Training of employees on data processing activities and procedures required by the law and recommended best practices in the fields of data protection and information privacy.
  • Litigation and legal representation in court proceedings involving data protection and privacy matters.