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Intellectual Property


Intellectual Property Law

We provide a broad range of services in Intellectual Property for our clients, multinational and local companies, interested to protect her IP portfolios (trademarks, inventions, designs, copyright).

Having a wide qualification and experience regarding the advice/legal representation of the client in terms of acquiring, maintaining, respecting the IP rights, we ensure for our clients:

  • Legal advice concerning the protection of the IP rights (trademarks, designs, inventions, copyright)
  • Legal assistance in front of the State Office for Inventions and Trademarks in the trademarks’, designs’, inventions’ registering procedure
  • Legal assistance and representations in front of the Police, Prosecutor Offices and in Court for litigations regarding the protection of the IP rights/counterfeiting/unfair competition;
  • Cession/License contracts regarding the IP rights ;
  • Legal assistance and representation in front of the National Customs Authority in the procedure concerning the requests for customs action for the protection of the IP rights of the clients;
  • Legal advice and preparing documents for the application of the work inventions law.

In figures, we have over 100 complaints resolved favorably for our clients regarding the counterfeiting and counterfeit goods selling, regarding over 10.000 counterfeited goods that have been destroyed by the authorities as consequence of the complaints made by our team, over 100 trademarks successfully registered/protected at the requests of the clients, in Romania, EU, China and worldwide.

We are also reference experts in elaboration and implementation, within the companies, of the special Internal Regulation established by the Law 83/2014 regarding the Service Inventions, for whose adoption our team brought an essential technical and advocacy contribution.

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