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Antitrust & Competition

Antitrust & Competition

The competition is the engine of the evolution since the beginning of the world.

Competing for resources, for territory or for influence is not more spectacular than competing for clients, for position and for market share, which is always the most important challenge in a market economy.

However, competition rules on the product and services markets are nowadays extremely strict, especially in the European Union, and our team gives to its clients extensive and qualitative support based on a broad expertise in complex antitrust, competition and distribution issues.

Our services are delivered to our clients in an integrated approach, or in punctual interventions, treating various issues as:

  • elaboration of distribution/concession/agency contracts,
  • legal support during implementation and organization of distribution networks,
  • management of legal issues while dealing with suppliers, distributors or agents networks,
  • legal assistance during dawn raids,
  • legal opinions on specific sensitive dominant position issues

In figures, we have given legal support to Clients with respect to the implementation and development of agents/distribution networks totalizing over 250 partners of multiple brands and they have represented Clients in commercial litigations of over Euro 50 million stake.