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Governance & Corporate Affairs



Any business needs the formal shelter, the “legal box” designed in the appropriate form that best suits the business’ specificities. After choosing the right form, its life depends on the decisions of its owners/stakeholders, which never exclude the organization’s redesign at certain moments in order to improve the governance quality or to adapt it to new challenges.

Coming to meet our clients’ expectations, we provide the full range of corporate legal services shaped both for multinationals and local companies, from day-to-day advisory and assistance to large-scale corporate operations.

The practice of our expert team is relevant for providing creative solutions to complex legal issues, such as:

  • Assessment of Sustainable Solutions for Forthcoming Investments
  • Assets and Investments Management
  • Designing, Founding and Safeguarding of Companies, NGOs, Employers’ Organizations
  • Assistance for Day-to-Day Business Governance Operations and Management
    Shareholders’ Assemblies, Boards of Administrators’ Meetings, and Supervisory Boards
  • Shareholders’ Agreements and Special Internal Regulations
  • Corporate Operations’ Strategic Planning
  • Mergers & Acquisitions, Divisions & Liquidations
  • Joint Ventures
  • Corporate Governance and Statutory Law
  • Registers’ Management
  • Corporate Affairs Litigations

In figures, our professional exposure in this area concerns operations of mergers and acquisitions valued over €uro 500 Million, the management of portfolios of over 140,000 shareholders, shares sales over €uro 65 Million, corporate contracts over €uro 300,000, capital increases over €uro 200 Million.