Information Society Law


Information Society Law

The Information Society, with its tremendous growth, is a key component for the development of any business. But the virtual space is a complex and dynamic environment with specific rules and anyone who wants to make performance in this environment has to master these rules.

To master the rules in this area we have the support of a reference expert, internationally recognized for his work, with relevant experience in telecommunications, electronic commerce and computer crime.

We are able to assist in excellent conditions, at the best international standards, any operation or request regarding:

  • Internet Terms and Conditions
  • Internet Domains Registration
  • Electronic Commerce
  • Electronic Signatures and Certification Services
  • Cryptography and Dual Use Goods
  • Legal Protection of Software, Databases and Computer Chips
  • Electronic Banking
  • Turnkey Contracts for IT&IS Infrastructure
  • Network Engineering Contracts
  • Liability of Service Providers and Network Operators
  • Telecomm Regulatory Issues
  • Telecomm Privacy
  • Cyber Crime
  • Cyber Legal Security

For reference, the topic is treated directly by Mihai ACSINTE.