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Criminal Law Procedures


Criminal Law Procedures

We provide to our clients all the necessary legal protection consecrated by the Criminal Law, when the clients are affected by criminal offenses, in any situation that claims such an action.

Equally, we provide also legal advice for proactive compliance with the criminal law for protecting the clients against the risk of criminal prosecution related to their business.

Therefore, our team ensures for our clients:

  • Legal opinions on Criminal Code and Criminal Procedural Code and related to criminal offenses regulated by other special laws
  • Due diligence related to the risks of criminal liability for certain type of regulated businesses
  • Civil transactions for settling civil damages within criminal law procedure
  • Internal investigations and advice on forensic procedures for detecting frauds and other non-compliant business practices
  • Drafting of criminal complaints and representation/assistance in front of the Police, Prosecutor Offices and Courts

We have an important exposure and expertise in criminal cases regarding cybercrime, counterfeiting, theft of business assets and frauds.