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Mihai ACSINTE started his career in 1995 as judge within a local Court of justice after he graduated as valedictorian the Faculty of Law and previously the Faculty of Automatics and Computers in Iași. He was from the beginning an active promoter and author of projects for the system of justice’s reform, modernization and computerization, and he was elected in 1997 as Vice-president of Romanian Magistrates Association.

In 1998 he accepted his detachment within the Ministry of Justice as General Director of the General Directorate for Organization, Human Resources and the Relation with Public Ministry, being responsible for the administrative organization and coordination of the justice system, civil and military Courts and Prosecutor Offices, and the Penitentiary System’s HR Department. From this position he contributed to strategic projects that empowered in time the justice independence and raised the quality of the judicial environment.

After a short detachment in 2001 as Judiciary General Inspector within the Ministry of Justice - General Inspectorate and Internal Audit, he joined Vodafone Romania, firstly as HR Consultant and afterwards as Senior Legal Counsellor, being the company’s legal expert for Advanced Services and Technologies, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, IT and Networks Engineering. In the same time, Mihai ACSINTE has taught for a period Administrative and Contravention Law to the future judges, within the National Institute of Magistracy.

Shortly before the launch of the Dacia Logan car range, Mihai ACSINTE has joined Renault Group Romania in 2004 as Chief Legal & Ethics Officer with the mission to develop and implement the legal security strategy of the organization in order to insure the safe and sound way of what would later become the remarkable international success story of Dacia cars.

Mihai ACSINTE has put the basis of a strong partnership-team of attorneys with a large experience and varied specializations capable to ensure long range complex solutions for big organizations, aiming to become a reference in performing integrated legal consulting, assistance and representation services, by bringing new standards in terms of quality, responsiveness and client satisfaction.

Mihai ACSINTE is an internationally recognized expert in Cyber Law and Cyber Legal Security. He is the author of numerous articles about the Information Society and also of the monographs “Information Society Law – Electronic Commerce – the Liability of Service Providers”, published by Universul Juridic – Bucharest, in 2012, and “International Encyclopaedia of Laws - Cyber Law – Romania”, published by Kluwer Law International BV – The Netherlands, in 2015.

Mihai ACSINTE is also an experienced litigator who won for his clients court trials valued over € 30 Million.

In addition to his lawyer and computer engineer licenses, Mihai ACSINTE has a diploma from the National College of Defense (Bucharest), a diploma from École Nationale d’Administration (Paris) and a doctorate in International Commerce Law from the Academy of Economics Studies (Bucharest).

For his merits the President of Romania awarded him the National Order “Star of Romania - Officer” and the National Order “Industrial and Commercial Merit - Knight”.

Mihai ACSINTE is member of Bucharest Bar Association. He speaks Romanian, English and French.

Mihai ACSINTE is also on Twitter and LinkedIn


Cristiana VĂRĂȘTEANU started her legal career in 2004, in Rome, Italy, within an important Italian Law Firm, after she graduated from the Law Faculty in Bucharest, with a licence in Legal Sciences. The years spent in Italy have offered to Cristiana the opportunity to learn and acquire experience and knowledge regarding the European and Italian business environment and legislation before the Romania’s adhesion within the European Union.

This experience has been an important asset that ensured to Cristiana, after her resettlement in Bucharest, an important role within the biggest Italian Law Firm acting on the Romanian market.

She has been extensively exposed to all the matters managed by the Law Firm like contractual assistance and legal advice on day-to-day business to regulatory matters for integrated environmental solutions.

She has experience in Governance and Corporate Affairs, Bankruptcy procedures and Debt recovery but also in commercial fiscal and administrative litigation, especially related to Public procurement procedures.

Before joining the team, Cristiana managed her own Law Office, successfully advising foreign middle size companies acting within the Romanian business environment.

Cristiana is a member of Bucharest Bar Association. She is proficient in English and Italian and she speaks also French and Spanish.

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Irina SEPCIU started her career in Legal in 1998, after she graduated from the Law Faculty of the Hyperion University from Bucharest.

Until 2010, Irina SEPCIU worked within the Legal Department of Automobile Dacia SA, where she challenged various legal matters, but she was especially in charge with assistance and representation in cases concerning corporate law: mergers, liquidation or dissolution of commercial companies, Meetings of the Administration Boards of the companies, General Meetings of the Shareholders/Associates, Shareholders Relations, current corporate procedures.

During her career, Irina SEPCIU was implicated in all type of commercial lawsuits (e.g. distribution litigation, consumers’ protection litigation) and she managed over € 20 Million litigation turnover. She has an extensive experience in all commercial areas (e.g. purchase/sale contracts, public tenders, service provision contracts, advertising and marketing issues, protection of personal data, consumers’ protection).

Irina SEPCIU Law Office is highly specialized in projects related to antitrust, competition and distribution affairs (distribution/concession contracts, agency contracts, network organization and dominant position issues).

Irina SEPCIU is member of Argeş Bar Association. She speaks Romanian and French.

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Gabriel MURARIU started his career in 1997 as an officer of the Romanian Border Police, within the Ministry of Internal Affairs after he graduated the Faculty of Law within Police Academy “Alexandru Ioan Cuza” in Iași, receiving the bachelor’s degree in Juridical Sciences and Military.

In 1998 Gabriel MURARIU has chosen to leave the military career so that he can focus on a career in the legal field. Therefore, he joined Automobile Dacia SA as a Legal Counselor within the Contracts Department where he has accumulated extensive experience and practice in drafting, negotiating and managing all types of agreements signed by Automobile Dacia SA and all its affiliates.

Until 2010, Gabriel MURARIU has activated within the Legal Department of Renault Group Romania being involved in a wide range of legal commercial issues. He has specialized in Consumer Protection legislation with a wide participation and experience in all types of litigation.

He has also managed projects on product liability, spare parts homologation and certification, and recall campaigns.

Gabriel MURARIU Law Office is highly specialized in legal assistance and representation of the clients in complex and important consumers protection litigations where Gabriel MURARIU has distinguished himself as an experienced and talented litigator.

Gabriel MURARIU is member of Argeș Bar Association. He speaks Romanian and English.

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Alexandra-Gabriela VELICAN started her legal career in 2008, after she graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Bucharest, with a license in Legal Sciences and a masters degree in Legal Careers. During her years as a student she got acquainted with most of the legal professions, working at the Bucharest Court House and doing legal practice at the prosecutor’s office, different courts and law offices, and decided for a career as an attorney.

During her years as an attorney she acquired professional expertise in a wide range of legal domains. Although she is most experienced in civil law and family law in particular, she also practices commercial law, real estate procedures, labor law and social security cases.

She is an asset as a litigator, as she has vast experience in court regarding trials and related procedures. Criminal law is also a domain in which Alexandra Velican practices frequently,  providing legal service during trial and prosecution, also serving as an ex officio appointed attorney.

Alexandra VELICAN is an active member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English and Spanish.

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Luminița MITRAN started her career in Legal in 2000, after she graduated the Faculty of Law in Craiova, within the Legal Department of Automobile Dacia SA, where she worked until 2010.

She acquired an extended professional exposure and expertise on a broad range of domains, both on civil and criminal matters, representing the company in various Court cases, from judicial claims on real estate to administrative and criminal law procedures started at the company’s initiative for protecting its legitimate interests.

She managed also an important project of registration of the real estate assets after the entry into force of the new law regarding the land registries, having a relevant contribution in securing the company’s property.

Not least, Luminița MITRAN is one of the most experienced Romanian lawyers in the matter of the Collective Agreement negotiations, being in charge to assist every year an employer that negotiates with the biggest and the best organized trade union in Romania.

Luminița MITRAN Law Office is highly specialized in collective agreement negotiations, projects related to Human Resources legal compliance and for the designing of internal regulations, procedures and policies in this respect, but also for litigations in labor law and social security cases.

Luminița MITRAN is member of Argeș Bar Association. She speaks Romanian and English.

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Bianca HARAGA started her career in 1999, when she became attorney at law, member of the Bar, right after the graduation of University of Bucharest Law School.

During 1999-2001 she was a trainee, and then, a qualified lawyer within a law firm in Bucharest, where she documented and assisted clients in cases concerning civil claims mainly regarding restitution of nationalized properties and Family Law matters.

During 2001-2003 Bianca HARAGA joined a well-known law firm in Bucharest, where she handled an extremely various range of legal matters. She assisted important NGOs in their overall legal matters, provided assistance regarding Corporate Governance and representation with the Trade Register regarding Statutory Law Compliance and provided legal consultancy, assistance and Court representation for important companies in Commercial, Civil, Real Estate, Tax and Labor Law matters and litigation (where some of the cases challenged the general jurisprudence and set new and courageous precedent – e.g. the enforcement of a Court decision regarding comminatory damages).

With all the experience gathered since 1999, Bianca HARAGA decided in 2003 to start her own law office, where she continued successfully to provide legal consulting, assistance and Court representation related with the above mentioned types of legal matters.

In 2006, she joined the Legal Department of Renault Group Romania, as Legal Counselor, where she specialized in providing legal assistance and representation in Tax  & Customs Law including Tax litigation, complex Commercial litigation, State Aid Projects and European Funded Projects.

In 2012 she restarted her private practice as a lawyer, where she continued successfully to provide legal support for important big multinational companies.

Bianca HARAGA Law Office is highly specialized in projects of legal assistance and representation services for Tax Law matters and State Aid & Public Projects.

Bianca HARAGA is member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English and French.

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Marius TOMA started his career in 1999, after he graduated from the Faculty of Law from Bucharest University and acquired over the years a relevant exposure and expertise on cross-border transactions, commercial contracts and litigation issues related to these matters, developing a particular expertise on regulated sectors such as HoReCa and cosmetics industries.

Until 2011, he served also as Legal Manager of Burda Romania, a German company leading print media, as Head of Legal within Eurolines Romania, a group of companies leading road transport and travel agencies services – TUI Romania and as Senior Legal Counselor for Renault Group Romania.

Marius TOMA is an experienced litigator in business and commercial law and he has successfully represented corporations and individuals in related civil proceedings.

Marius TOMA Law Office is highly specialized in projects related to personal data protection in commercial activities, consumer law, marketing and advertising, commercial and civil law, insurance law, debt recovery, including contracts negotiation and litigation.

Marius TOMA is member of Argeș Bar Association, and he speaks Romanian, English and French!

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Liliana PREDA started her career in Legal in 1998 as attorney at law, after she graduated the Faculty of Law from Bucharest University. She suspended her activity as a lawyer between 2000 and 2003 for coordinating the Public Administration Office of the Pitești Municipality Hall.

After she returned to the legal assistance area, Liliana PREDA has acted as Legal Counselor for several domestic and multinational companies, as Renault Group Romania, in particular in domains like commercial, transportation and environment law, as well as on insolvency cases.

Liliana PREDA is an expert in Environment Law, where she coordinated the due diligence process regarding the environmental permits for multinational companies and provided advisory services related to regulatory compliance, strategic environmental assessment and liability for the polluting activities but also in electricity and gas issues (energy and natural resources).

Her relevant experience is completed by her broad practice in Transportation & Logistics matters, including Contracts, Negotiation and Litigation on all types of transportation (by road, railway, maritime and air freight).

Liliana PREDA Law Office is highly specialized in projects related to Purchasing matters and Real Estate legal affairs, Building Development Projects’ legal assistance, Public Concessions, Properties’ Retrocessions, Property Sales, but also for Court cases related to such projects. 

Liliana PREDA is member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English and French.

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Aurelia PUIU started her career in 2002 within the Civil & Commercial Division of a prestigious Romanian law firm in Bucharest, where she was in charge with assistance and representation in cases concerning Commercial Law, Real Estate, Corporate Acquisitions and Sales transactions, but also with legal services provided to individuals in Family Law matters.

She documented and pleaded in Court in complex and notorious cases, such as restitution claims for nationalized properties, civil claims between public personalities or corporate law litigations like shareholders’ disputes or General Assemblies resolutions’ annulment.

During 2005-2007, Aurelia PUIU coordinated the Bucharest subsidiary of a British law firm from London, where she handled Commercial and Civil affairs, Real Estate transactions and Corporate Acquisition transactions, mainly for British investors.

During 2007 – 2010, Aurelia PUIU was Head of the Mergers & Acquisitions legal team within a known law firm from Bucharest and she coordinated especially the due diligence processes for large foreign investors providing also advice related to compliance requirements, advertising and commercial contracts. She also assisted the biggest bank in Romania to attend an important public tender.

Aurelia PUIU Law Office is highly specialized in projects related to the legal assistance and representation services for Mergers & Acquisitions, Corporate Governance and Transactions, Shareholders Relations and Statutory Law Compliance, European Funding Projects and Ethics & Compliance. Her portfolio includes big multinational companies and important employers’ organizations, having exposure in mergers & acquisitions of over € 500 million. Her experience extends naturally in litigation area (including criminal cases) related with the above mentioned types of operations.

Aurelia PUIU is member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English, French and Italian.

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Mădălina PÎSLARU started her career as attorney at law in 1998 when she graduated as valedictorian the Faculty of Law, of «Lucian Blaga» University from Sibiu, and she practiced different legal matters, offering legal assistance and representation in various legal fields as Commercial, Civil and Family Law, Criminal Law, Labor Law, Corporative Affairs, Arbitration, Unfair Competition, Insurance Law, debt recovery, Administrative Law.

During 2005-2007, Mădălina PÎSLARU activated as Superior Legal Counselor and Head of Litigation and Administrative Department within several central public authorities as National Sanitary Veterinary and Food Safety Authority Romania - ANSVSA and the Ministry of Agriculture, in charge with litigation and representation in front of all levels of Courts, various judicial bodies and public institutions, Auditors’ Court, other, Employers’ Organizations, Trade Unions. She acted also as member of Disciplinary Commissions, Joint Committees Employer/Trade Unions and Public Tender Commissions.

Mădălina PÎSLARU had a key role in development of strategic projects as private-public partnership valued over €uro 78 million and in 2006 she had a major contribution in winning an important litigation that prevailed the activation of the safeguarding clause which determined Romania to join European Union in 2007.

In 2008, Mădălina PÎSLARU joined the Legal Team of Group Renault Romania, where she has been in charge with various legal matters and cases, especially in Business Law with a particular focus on Consumers’ Protection, Marketing-Advertising, Competition Law in large distribution networks, Real Estate and Personal Data Protection.

Mădălina PÎSLARU Law Office is highly specialized in legal support on Labor Law matters and specific legal issues related to Human Resources management in multinational companies as far as Mădălina PÎSLARU's main area of expertise refers to Human Resources due diligence analyses on employment and labor relations, related formalities, Internal Procedures and Regulations, the relation of the clients with the trade unions or employees’ representatives, Collective Agreements’ Negotiation and Implementation, controls performed by the labor authorities, Occupational Health, Safety and Work Accidents’ Investigation, Compensation and Benefits, Expatriate’s legal regime, Discrimination Law, employees’ Personal Data Protection. She is also an experienced litigator and represents our clients in Courts at all levels of jurisdiction.

Additionally to her lawyer license, Mădălina PÎSLARU has postgraduate studies diplomas granted by the Faculty of Law of University of Bucharest, Prague University and National Administration Institute.

Mădălina PÎSLARU is member of Ilfov Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, French and English.

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Mădălina MĂNOIU started her career as a legal counselor for a prestigious group of firms in 2002, when she graduated the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. From this position, she offered legal assistance and representation in front of all levels of Courts, in front of various judicial bodies and other public institutions, achieving a significant experience in different legal matters.

During 2003-2004 she attended the High European Studies Institute of Robert Schumann University of Strasbourg and obtained a master degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies. Afterwards, she passed the Bar exam, becoming attorney at law, in which quality she activated in various legal fields (civil / commercial / family / labor /criminal law, corporative affairs, arbitration, insurance / administrative law).

In 2008 she coordinated the Argeș territorial office of an important Romanian law firm, providing legal support in commercial and civil files, various real estate issues and also representation in front of all levels of Courts and public institutions.

In 2010, Mădălina MĂNOIU graduated and had a master degree in European Institutions and Programmes Management. from the Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest.

Mădălina MĂNOIU Law Office is highly specialized in legal consulting and representation in the fields of labor law, social security law, concerning all employment and labor aspects within the clients (labor contracts and related formalities, employee training programs, internal procedures and regulations, disciplinary investigations, discrimination law). She also assures legal representation in the labor cases before all levels of Labor Courts.

Mădălina MĂNOIU is member of Argeș Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, French, English and Spanish.

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