Mihai ACSINTE started his career in 1995 as judge within a local Court of justice after he graduated as valedictorian the Faculty of Law and previously the Faculty of Automation and Computers in Iași. He has been from the beginning an active promoter and author of projects for the system of justice’s reform, modernization and computerization, and he was elected in 1997 as Vice-president of Romanian Magistrates Association.

In 1998 he accepted his secondment within the Ministry of Justice as General Director of the General Directorate for Organization, Human Resources and the Relation with Public Ministry, being responsible for the administrative organization and coordination of the justice system, civil and military Courts and Prosecutor Offices, and the Penitentiary System’s HR Department. From this position he contributed to strategic projects that empowered in time the justice independence and raised the quality of the judicial environment.

After a short secondment in 2001 as Judiciary General Inspector within the Ministry of Justice - General Inspectorate and Internal Audit, he joined Vodafone Romania, firstly as HR Consultant and afterwards as Senior Legal Counselor, being the company’s legal expert for Advanced Services and Technologies, Strategy and Regulatory Affairs, IT and Networks Engineering. In the same time, Mihai ACSINTE has taught for a period Administrative and Contravention Law to the future judges, within the National Institute of Magistracy.

Shortly before the launch of the Dacia Logan car range, Mihai ACSINTE has joined Renault Group Romania in 2004 as Chief Legal & Ethics Officer with the mission to develop and implement the legal security strategy of the organization in order to insure the safe and sound way of what would later become the remarkable international success story of Dacia cars.

Mihai ACSINTE has put the basis of a strong partnership-team of attorneys with a large experience and varied specializations capable to ensure long range complex solutions for big organizations, aiming to become a reference in performing integrated legal consulting, assistance and representation services, by bringing new standards in terms of quality, responsiveness and client satisfaction.

Mihai ACSINTE is an internationally recognized expert in Cyber Law and Cyber Legal Security. He is the author of numerous articles about the Information Society and also of the monographs “Information Society Law – Electronic Commerce – the Liability of Service Providers”, published by Universul Juridic – Bucharest, in 2012, and “International Encyclopaedia of Laws - Cyber Law – Romania”, published by Kluwer Law International BV – The Netherlands, in 2015.

Also, he specialized in Ethics & Compliance, being the author of the chapter "Whistle-blowing Systems"  within the first Romanian book about ethics, "Integrity in Public and Private Space", published by C.H. Beck - Bucharest, in 2017, and one of the first Romanian attorneys specialized in Anti-bribery Management Systems - ISO 37001:2016 implementation .

Mihai ACSINTE is also an experienced litigator who won for his clients court trials valued over € 30 Million.

In addition to his lawyer and computer engineer licenses, Mihai ACSINTE has a diploma from the National College of Defense (Bucharest), a diploma from École Nationale d’Administration (Paris) and a doctorate in International Commerce Law from the Academy of Economics Studies (Bucharest).

For his merits the President of Romania awarded him the National Order “Star of Romania - Officer” and the National Order “Industrial and Commercial Merit - Knight”.

Mihai ACSINTE is member of Bucharest Bar Association. He speaks Romanian, English and French.

Mihai ACSINTE is also on Twitter and LinkedIn


Cristiana VĂRĂȘTEANU started her legal career in 2004, in Rome, Italy, within an important Italian Law Firm, after she graduated from the Law Faculty in Bucharest, with a licence in Legal Sciences. The years spent in Italy have offered to Cristiana the opportunity to learn and acquire experience and knowledge regarding the European and Italian business environment and legislation before the Romania’s adhesion within the European Union.

This experience has been an important asset that ensured to Cristiana, after her resettlement in Bucharest, an important role within the biggest Italian Law Firm acting on the Romanian market.

She has been extensively exposed to all the matters managed by the Law Firm like contractual assistance and legal advice on day-to-day business to regulatory matters for integrated environmental solutions.

She has experience in Governance and Corporate Affairs, Bankruptcy procedures and Debt recovery but also in commercial fiscal and administrative litigation, especially related to Public procurement procedures.

Before joining the team, Cristiana managed her own Law Office, successfully advising foreign middle size companies acting within the Romanian business environment.

Cristiana is a member of Bucharest Bar Association. She is proficient in English and Italian and she speaks also French and Spanish.

Law Office

Liviu PÎRVU started his career in 1991 as a judge within a local Court of justice after he graduated the Faculty of Law in Iași. He acquired an extensive experience as a judge and afterwards as a public prosecutor before accepting his transfer as a military judge within the Military Court of Iași.

The prodigious activity of Liviu PÎRVU led to his promotion at the Territorial Military Court of Bucharest where he has been appointed also as a vice-president.

In 2004, Liviu PÎRVU  made an important change to his career by moving to the Municipal Court of Bucharest as a judge and from here he was seconded in management roles within the Superior Council of Magistracy from which the most important was the role of Secretary General of the Council.

In 2009, Liviu PÎRVU decided to move to the private law practice and open his own law office highly specialized both in private law and criminal matters.

Liviu PÎRVU has a extensive experience as a law professor within prestigious universities in Romania, like „Al. I. Cuza ” and “M. Kogălniceanu” in Iași and the Academy of Economic Studies and Bucharest University where he taught Financial Law, International Trade Law, Civil Procedure Law and Business Law.

He is the author of over 40 articles published by reputable law journals and the author/co-author of the books “The Parties in the Civil Trial”, All Beck Publishing House, Bucharest, 2002, “The Appeal in the Civil Trial”, Lumina Lex Publishing House, Bucharest, 2004, “Elements of Civil Procedure and Administrative Litigation” (Course for students of public administration departments), Lumina Lex Publishing House, Bucharest, 2003, Reedited in 2006, “International Trade Contracts (co-author), Universul Juridic Publishing House, Bucharest, 2007, Reedited in 2009, “Trade Register Law - commentaries (co-author), C.H. Beck Publishing House, Bucharest, 2009, “Civil Procedure Law (university course), co-author, Cermaprint Publishing House, Bucharest, 2010 and “The Control of Public Entities (co-author), Universul Juridic Publishing House, 2010

Liviu PÎRVU has a doctorate in Civil Procedure Law from the Bucharest University and he is member of Mehedinți Bar Association.

He speaks Romanian, English, and French.

Law Office

Camelia TUDORANCEA started her career in 1991 as Attorney at Law in Romania and continued her training as intern within prestigious law firms in Belgium and France. After 1999 she joined several important law firms in Bucharest like Ciucan & Associates Law Firm, Racoți Predoiu Law Firm or Wolf Theiss & Associates Law Firm as Associate, Senior Associate and Partner where she managed projects regarding Dispute Resolution, Administrative Contentious, Corporate Governance, Arbitration, Commercial and Real Estate contracts, Mergers & Acquisitions, Capital Markets, Bankruptcy, ICSID- World Bank Arbitration Procedures and Privatization.

In 2001, Camelia TUDORANCEA overtook the responsibility of managing all the litigation portfolio of the Rompetrol Group of Companies held by Rompetrol Group NV Netherlands but also projects related to Mergers & Acquisitions, Competition, Regulatory Services, Taxes; Trade Marks and Intellectual Property, Data Protection, Employment and Compliance.

Starting 2009, Camelia TUDORANCEA overtook the responsibility for the management of all the legal operations of the company Roșia Montană Gold Corporation S.A., a subsidiary of Gabriel Resources Ltd Canada, where she manages all the projects related to the Mining Legislation, Regulatory, Corporate Governance, the legal support for Public Affairs and Communication, the assistance in ICSID-World Bank arbitration procedures, the legal assistance in relation with European Union institutions including PETI Committee of the European Parliament and United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE), Environment legislation, Patrimony Protection and Town Planning issues or legal assistance in Stock Market reporting (Toronto Stock Exchange).

Camelia TUDORANCEA is member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English, and French.

Law Office

Mircea ENACHE started his career in legal in 2004 as a court clerk within Bucharest Court of Appeal after he graduated the Faculty of Law within the University of Bucharest and previously the Faculty of Public Administration within the National School of Public Administration and Political Sciences.

During his activity as a court clerk he passed the Bar exam and he was admitted as attorney at law in 2005. In 2006 he became associate at a reputable law firm coordinated by one of his former law teachers, where he specialized in Real Estate Law, Corporate Affairs, and Civil Litigation.

After this enriching experience, in 2008 Mircea ENACHE joined the biggest Romanian retail and wholesale drugs distributor – A&D Pharma Group where he managed the legal counseling for 3 business lines: Wholesale, Marketing & Sales, Retail (Sensiblu chain of pharmacies).

In this respect, he assisted the company in Competition matters, Mergers & Acquisitions, Distribution Agreements, Litigation and Customer Care.

In 2011, Mircea ENACHE joined for a short period  Renault Group Romania where he provided legal counseling for the distribution network of new vehicles and spare parts, for the Marketing department, monitoring the compliance on Competition matters, and representing the company in some Litigation.

Starting 2011 he approached a new challenging career project, by joining Tornado Group as Group Legal Manager. In this new role he was involved in company’s key areas and process regarding IT Wholesale Distribution and Real Estate (Office & Residential), advising top management in strategic proceedings, transactions and projects.

Mircea ENACHE is member of Bucharest Bar Association. He is proficient in Romanian, English and French.

Law Office

Veronica FLOREA is a reputable and experienced attorney with over 18 years in the legal field, having relevant experience in Real Estate, Retail, Renewable Energy, Pharma, Environment and Waste Management and Public Procurement matters.

After she graduated the Faculty of Law at University of Bucharest, she joined as junior attorney a reputable law firm in Bucharest, where she acquired her first specializations in Corporate Law and Civil Litigation, advising mostly foreign companies interested in entering the Romanian market.

In 2005 she becomes the leading lawyer of the most important Italian legal, accounting and consulting company in Romania, where she worked for more than 9 years as responsible for Legal Due Diligence, Bankruptcy, Fiscal Consulting, Litigation, Real Estate, Renewable Energy and regulatory matters, mainly for Italian companies present in Romania.

In 2014 she enlarged her portfolio, on a permanent basis, with GlaxoSmithKline Group Romania, providing assistance especially on Corporate Affairs, Regulatory Affairs, Intellectual Property and Competition matters.

She has also an impressive track record in representing clients before Courts in commercial and fiscal-administrative disputes.

She is proficient in Romanian, English, Italian and French.

Veronica FLOREA is a member of the Bucharest Bar Association since 2002.

Law Office

Alexandra-Gabriela VELICAN started her legal career in 2008, after she graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Bucharest, with a license in Legal Sciences and a masters degree in Legal Careers. During her years as a student she got acquainted with most of the legal professions, working at the Bucharest Court House and doing legal practice at the prosecutor’s office, different courts and law offices, and decided for a career as an attorney.

During her years as an attorney she acquired professional expertise in a wide range of legal domains. Although she is most experienced in civil law and family law in particular, she also practices commercial law, real estate procedures, labor law and social security cases.

She is an asset as a litigator, as she has vast experience in court regarding trials and related procedures. Criminal law is also a domain in which Alexandra Velican practices frequently,  providing legal service during trial and prosecution, also serving as an ex officio appointed attorney.

Alexandra VELICAN is an active member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English and Spanish.

Senior Counsel

Sorin BOLDI graduated the Faculty of Law in 1998  and started his career as disciple of Constantin VIȘINESCU, who mentored the founding partners of the most prestigious law firms in Romania, with whom he handled a portfolio comprising over 200 clients, many of them from Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

In his two-decades legal career he consolidated his experience in various legal fields as Dispute Resolution, M&A, Competition, Real Estate, Governance and Corporate Law.

He earned the reputation of a highly adaptable attorney frequently tapped to assist on high-profile cases in a challenging legal and business environment. As a litigator he contributed in cases of reference for the Romanian jurisprudence, which innovated the approach of national authorities in fields like consumers’ protection, foreign investments taxation, and competition.

Sorin BOLDI contributed to the recognition of International Air Transport Association (IATA) in Romania via Government Resolution and Court Decision, being later frequently invited to its annual global legal meetings.

One of his most relevant international investments' expertise comes from the successful legal coordination of the notorious Băneasa Projects which include the new US Embassy in Romania, Băneasa Shopping City and the entire commercial area, the residential zone, the Băneasa Business and Technology Park.

Sorin BOLDI gained his solid financial management and banking experience from investor’s perspective with Chartered Debt Management, an international network specialised in financial management, loans structuring, capitalisation of distressed business, insolvency restructuring processes and international arbitration, all members being internationally recognised banking specialists.

He capitalised on management experience and leadership skills through his appointments as member of the Boards of Directors or of the Audit and/or Technical Committees in important organisations like SAI Muntenia Invest SA - a listed investment management company with a portfolio of EUR 350 million and five million shareholders, Administration of the Lower Danube River – the national authority for waterway navigation on the Romanian sector of the Danube River, European Green Network Initiative - an environmental protection NGO headquartered in Brussels, and Practic SA - a listed real estate and development company with assets in excess of EUR 90 million. He served also as parliamentary adviser to the Chamber of the Deputies.

Sorin BOLDI has internationally recognized experience in research from participation in the USAID research project on red tape and corruption practices in the Romanian judiciary, his advices being highly appreciated by the University of Maryland, and from contribution as co-author and country rapporteur for Romania in the legal research of the University of Vienna on broadcasting enterprises and freedom of the media in the Eastern European Countries.

Sorin BOLDI researched applied ethics at the highest level, obtaining in 2013 the Doctorate awarded Magna Cum Laude from the University of Bucharest. He currently shares this knowledge to support clients on ethical cases, codes of conduct and business decisions. He also performs trainings on ethics for the Bucharest Bar attorneys.

He is a member of the Bucharest Bar and of the Swiss Arbitration Association.

Sorin BOLDI speaks Romanian, English and Spanish.

Law Office

Mihaela PÎRVU is a prominent specialist in Criminal Law, with a wide professional  recognition, achieved in over 13 years of activity as a prosecutor and judge and over 10 years acting as attorney at law.

As attorney at law she acquired an extensive experience and she obtained remarkable results as a specialist in White Collar Crime: economic and financial criminality (tax evasion, money laundering, and others), corruption, corporate and business crimes, crimes committed within the procedure of accessing European funds, cross-border crimes, investigated by the elite structures of the Romanian General Prosecutors’ Office.

Mihaela PÎRVU managed/provided the legal defense in very complex and notorious cases for important corporate clients acting in areas such oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, heavy industry, banking, but also for private clients like important business persons, high public administration officials and others.

Few years before specializing in White Collar Crime, Mihaela acted also as coordinator of the Litigation department of one of the biggest companies in Romania in the area of energy and services.

Mihaela PÎRVU is a member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English, and French.