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Marketing & Advertising


Marketing & Advertising

We focus on helping the clients to accomplish their goals and solve problems they encounter in connection with a broad range of advertising, promotion, and marketing activities, including personal data usage and privacy issues arising in connection with online and mobile advertising platforms.

We provide comprehensive legal services to our clients engaged in advertising and marketing activities, including advice on brand creation and protection, advertising regulations, comparative advertising, regulatory compliance, agency contracts, talent and production contracts, direct marketing, consumer promotions and competitions, data and privacy issues, and gambling regulations and cookie compliance for web tracking and behavioral advertising online.

Our clients include marketing and advertising agencies, brand owners, production companies, industry associations, and media owners.

Specific industry experience includes:

  • conducting strategic brand reviews for international organizations
  • developing brand use guidelines and marketing material approval protocols
  • advising on comparative advertising and competitor advertising
  • reviewing product labelling and packaging, including warranties
  • developing and advising on selling and promotional techniques and claims
  • advising on social media strategies and promotions
  • advising on trade promotions and lotteries
  • advising on compliance with specific industry regulatory requirements, such as product safety, therapeutic goods legislation, trade descriptions, country of origin,
  • advising on and assisting clients with compliance with product safety standards, mandatory reporting, product recalls, and subsequent public relations campaigns
  • assisting clients under investigation by regulatory agencies

We have a relevant expertise in specific litigation in Courts but also in special procedures in front of public authorities and regulatory bodies as National Council of Audiovisual and Romanian Advertising Council.