Alexandra VELICAN

Alexandra-Gabriela VELICAN started her legal career in 2008, after she graduated from the Law Faculty at the University of Bucharest, with a license in Legal Sciences and a masters degree in Legal Careers. During her years as a student she got acquainted with most of the legal professions, working at the Bucharest Court House and doing legal practice at the prosecutor’s office, different courts and law offices, and decided for a career as an attorney.

During her years as an attorney she acquired professional expertise in a wide range of legal domains. Although she is most experienced in civil law and family law in particular, she also practices commercial law, real estate procedures, labor law and social security cases.

She is an asset as a litigator, as she has vast experience in court regarding trials and related procedures. Criminal law is also a domain in which Alexandra Velican practices frequently,  providing legal service during trial and prosecution, also serving as an ex officio appointed attorney.

Alexandra VELICAN is an active member of Bucharest Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, English and Spanish.

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