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Law judgeSometimes, the best way to defend your interests is to let someone else to rise and speak in your behalf.

When that person is an attorney it is the first sign that you master the rules of the game.

It is not about that you couldn’t speak excellently but it is about the principle that the best outcome is obtained when each team member plays the role for which he is best qualified and experienced, while having the accountability for the performance of that role.

The Attorneys are experts in playing that role and representing our clients professionally and honorably in any situation, being well trained persuasive experts, mastering the technique of the message’s construction based on the substantial and procedural law but also the art of rhetoric.

That's why our clients count on us to make their will well communicated and understood in any Romanian Court of Justice, at the High Court of Cassation and Justice, Constitutional Court, Arbitration Court, in front of the Prosecutor Offices, Police or in relation with any public institution or authority, but also in relation with any private entity or person, if the case may be.

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