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Legal” means, for sure, “complex”.

It is complex for many, many reasons.

Just saying that the Romanian Tax Code changed over 160 times in 10 years or that relatively new Criminal, Civil, Procedure Codes are now in force and the jurisprudence is in a continue struggle for unification.

Or saying that the Romanian legislation has in force over 100,000 laws, Government ordinances and decisions, minister’s orders and other mandatory legal acts.

Searching for advice, trying to get rid of the demanding bureaucracy, claiming the rights and defending the legitimate interests could become easily a tough and complicated challenge.

That’s why the peace of mind needs Integrated Legal Solutions!

In fact, this concept is the applied outcome of the Vision & Legal Security Strategy as far as the strategy takes into account all the phases of a consistent legal protection of the business, starting from the Organization & Business’ Analysis, the suitable Legal Task Force’s Design, with its permanent dedicated points of contact, the Proactive Compliance Program’s Planning with its day to day legal advising and validation operations and ending with the Litigations’ Management.

Without a Legal Security Strategy and an integrated approach, some phases are effectively ignored or the phases’ interconnections have a poor quality and effectiveness, not mentioning the lack of accountability for the intermediary processes.

For reference, please review Legal Security Strategy & Policies, Outsourcing Legal Services and Setting In-House Legal Teams.

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