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Mădălina MANOIU

Mădălina MĂNOIU started her career as a legal counselor for a prestigious group of firms in 2002, when she graduated the Faculty of Law, University of Bucharest. From this position, she offered legal assistance and representation in front of all levels of Courts, in front of various judicial bodies and other public institutions, achieving a significant experience in different legal matters.

During 2003-2004 she attended the High European Studies Institute of Robert Schumann University of Strasbourg and obtained a master degree in European Interdisciplinary Studies. Afterwards, she passed the Bar exam, becoming attorney at law, in which quality she activated in various legal fields (civil / commercial / family / labor /criminal law, corporative affairs, arbitration, insurance / administrative law).

In 2008 she coordinated the Argeș territorial office of an important Romanian law firm, providing legal support in commercial and civil files, various real estate issues and also representation in front of all levels of Courts and public institutions.

In 2010, Mădălina MĂNOIU graduated and had a master degree in European Institutions and Programmes Management. from the Faculty of Sociology, University of Bucharest.

Mădălina MĂNOIU Law Office is highly specialized in legal consulting and representation in the fields of labor law, social security law, concerning all employment and labor aspects within the clients (labor contracts and related formalities, employee training programs, internal procedures and regulations, disciplinary investigations, discrimination law). She also assures legal representation in the labor cases before all levels of Labor Courts.

Mădălina MĂNOIU is member of Argeș Bar Association. She speaks Romanian, French, English and Spanish.

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