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Luminița MITRAN

Luminița MITRAN started her career in Legal in 2000, after she graduated the Faculty of Law in Craiova, within the Legal Department of Automobile Dacia SA, where she worked until 2010.

She acquired an extended professional exposure and expertise on a broad range of domains, both on civil and criminal matters, representing the company in various Court cases, from judicial claims on real estate to administrative and criminal law procedures started at the company’s initiative for protecting its legitimate interests.

She managed also an important project of registration of the real estate assets after the entry into force of the new law regarding the land registries, having a relevant contribution in securing the company’s property.

Not least, Luminița MITRAN is one of the most experienced Romanian lawyers in the matter of the Collective Agreement negotiations, being in charge to assist every year an employer that negotiates with the biggest and the best organized trade union in Romania.

Luminița MITRAN Law Office is highly specialized in collective agreement negotiations, projects related to Human Resources legal compliance and for the designing of internal regulations, procedures and policies in this respect, but also for litigations in labor law and social security cases.

Luminița MITRAN is member of Argeș Bar Association. She speaks Romanian and English.

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